High performance plastics and face-shields


The face-shields are made in Germany and a good alternative to face-masks. They facilitate the daily life, you can see the face and protect yourself and others.

Optimal for people who have daily contact with customers and don’t get protected by walls (eg supermarkets, hairdresser, doctors, etc..)

Other properties:

The transparent plastic visor is of high-quality. It resist sweat and doesn’t get foggy. It provides easy breathing and you can wear glasses under the shield. Mouth, nose and eyes are covered, still you can move easily. A headband with pad is providing the attachment to the head. The shield is movable so you can lift it up. You can completely disinfect the shield so it is reusable and long-lasting.

The shields are made in Germany.

 Technical Datasheet Download:

Made in Germany

Our faceshields are produced in Germany.

One Size and reusability

The faceshield can be adjusted for 52 - 63 cm head circumference. It also can be disinfected easily and therefore worn by different people.

Large amounts available

The shields are available in amounts from 5 to 1000 pieces via this website. For larger amounts please contact us via email or phone.

Graduation of prices:

Face-shieldsnetto € / face-shield Delivery DeutschlandDelivery other EU
515,00 €
7,00 €10,50 €
1012,00 €
7,00 €10,50 €
2510,00 €
7,00 €10,50 €
409,50 €
7,00 €10,50 €
509,00 €
10,00 €15,00 €
1008,90 €
10,00 €15,00 €
2008,70 €
10,00 €15,00 €
3008,50 €
10,00 €15,00 €
5008,00 €
15,00 €22,50 €
8007,75 €
25,00 €37,50 €
10007,65 €
40,00 €60,00 €

For amounts larger than 1000 face-shields, please contact us directly via: info@bieglosan.de


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High performance plastics for protective shields

ASP Plastics GmbH offers thermoplastic products and protective shields of the company Spartech INC. USA in Europe.

We offer a complete product line for the healthcare sector suitable for the manufacture of face protection and equipment for operating theaters.

If, in addition to mouth, nose and eye protection, also skin protection is needed, then face shields made of transparent plastic are used. Face shields protect health care professionals from exposure to droplets containing a virus from a patient’s sneeze or cough, as experienced in the COVID-19 outbreak. The Global Center for Medical Innovation, US says that face shields can also extend the life of N95 masks while protecting health workers from contamination.


Films for protective face shields

Cellulose Acetate sheets for healthcare are thin thermoplastic products that are lightweight and very flexible, yet strong. This is renewable cellulose material harvested from trees in sustainably managed forests. Spartech CA offers proven optical clarity and scratch resistance under a wide range of temperatures. Spartech CA also exhibits excellent resistance to Acetone, Methanol, Isopropanol, 20 percent ammonium hydroxide and acetic acid; sanitizing agents for when the product is used in splash protection applications.  

  • Spartech clear acetate product 1568 is a specialized face shield material in gauges from .020”-.060”.
  • Spartech clear acetate product 1558 meets the requirements of LP-504 Type 1.

Sheets for protective shields

PETG is an FDA-approved material that can be used for barriers at the point of sale to protect employees and customers from airborne contaminants. PETG is very clear and disinfects easily. Spartech is experienced in providing PETG for retail applications.

  • UltraTuf™ PETG copolyester is strong and versatile with ease of fabrication including thermoforming, cutting and routing.   It also has strong chemical resistance.
  • Ultros D™ and Ultros™ Renu are other Spartech rigid copolyester materials.

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BIEGLOSAN combines the product range for the HealthCare area of the companies BIEGLO GmbH and ASP-Plastics GmbH

This service is geared to the needs of our customers who need these protection- or hygiene products to guarantee a healthy working environment in their offices or production-places.
BIEGLOSAN-products are high-end products that offer protection and anti-viral performance beyond the generally used produtcs.
As with the polymers we sell, BIEGLO is your source for high-performance products.