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Our bestseller: Humasis COVID-19 Ag rapid testing-kit!   ◄

Is recommended and used by test centers and doctor's office because of its reliability and validity

Rapid self testing kit

Rapid self-testing-kits for COVID-19 detection

BIEGLO is a distribution company and mainly sells to business customers, due to the big demand we decided also sell to private buyers.

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Rapid test-kits for COVID-19 detection




Humasis COVID-19 Ag rapid testing-kit, for medical specialists 

Viromed NanoRepro COVID-19 rapid self-testing-kit


€ 2,99 netto

€ 3,95 netto


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Delivery time

1-3 Days

1-3 Days

Humasis COVID-19 Ag rapid testing-kit

Effective rapid self-testing kit for the early detection of an active infection in symptomatic patients on site. Reliable results without cross-reactivity with seasonal coronaviruses.

Direct nasal swabs for reliable results in people suspected of having COVID-19 within seven days of symptoms first appearing.

Use the Humasis COVID-19 Ag Test when your patients need a quick, reliable COVID-19 test. Provides laboratory-quality results on site in 15 minutes.

Other properties:

  • Inexpensive, high-performance test for decentralized application
  • Simple testing procedure by doing a nose swap for a safe result
  • Allows intuitive sample processing with prefilled test tubes
  • Lasts up to 18 months at room temperature
  • Fast results in 15 minutes, no other tools required
  • Refundable through official listing at the bfarm
  • For medical professionals
Self-testing kitsBox (→ 25 self-testing kits)netto € / self-testing kits
4800019202,99 €
240009603,15 €
120004803,30 €
48001923,40 €
36001443,50 €
2400963,60 €
1200483,70 €

For amounts smaller than 2400 self-testing kits additional logistic costs may be payable.

rapid self-test kit
Item number




BfArM Test ID



Dok. Nr. 00095487


25 tests per box - 24 boxes per outer box


Nasal swabs




18 Months


The buyer is aware that the antigen rapid tests sold may only be used by medical specialists (doctors, etc.), in particular, but not exclusively, with regard to the reliability of the results of the rapid tests. By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he is ensuring that the rapid tests sold are only carried out by sufficiently qualified people.

Viromed NanoRepro COVID-19 rapid self-testing-kit

The SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test is an immunochromatographic in-vitro-test for the direct and qualitative detection of viral SARS-CoV-2 antigens through an anterior nose swab.

Other properties:

  • Approved for laity and private users
  • High clinical sensitivity of 99,33%, specificity of 97,33%
  • Low limit of detection (LOD) of 30 TCID / ML
  • Identification of an acute infection
  • BFARM listed (special approval no. 5640-S-096/21)
  • Results on site in 15 minutes and easy to read
  • Test: nasal swabs (anterior nasal area)

Reliably detects all virus mutations that have occurred

Self-testing kitsBox (→ 25 self-testing kits)netto € / self-testing kits
4800019203,95 €
240009604,10 €
120004804,15 €
48001924,20 €
36001444,30 €
2400964,35 €
1200484,40 €

For amounts smaller than 2400 self-testing kits additional logistic costs may be payable.

rapid self-test kit


BfArM Test ID



5 tests/box


Nasal swabs


Room temperature


5 tests/box

Test cassettes

Sterile swab

Sample tube incl. buffer solution and integrated dropper

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