COPPTECH® and COPSOL protective masks

Individualized Copptech®-Masks with your Logo on it!

COPPTECH®-Protective masks

The COPPTECH®-Protective masks are very high quality and ergonomic fabric masks to protect your respiratory tract. They are three layered, reusable and therefore also sustainable.

The filter technology is TÜV-certified and patented. The fabrics in the outer and inner layers contain zinc and copper which demonstrably kill micro-organisms. The fabrics filter dust and because of the COPPTECH® technology, they reduce microorganisms.

Other properties:

The masks allow easy breathing and do not get wet or moist. Three sizes are available: L (dark blue) - for big adults, M (grey) - for smaller adults and S (grey) - for children up to 10 years age.  The COPPTECH® masks are for personal use.

Technical Datasheet Download:

Flyer COPPTECH®-Protective masks Download:

Flyer individualized COPPTECH®-Protective masks Download:

3 layer system

The 3 layer system contains zinc and copper which demonstrably kill micro-organisms.

TÜV certified

The 3 layer system is processed with TÜV certified material made of zinc and copper.

Large amounts available

The masks are available in amounts from 5 to 200 pieces via this website. For larger amounts please contact us via email or phone.

Graduation of prices:

Facemasksnetto € / Facemask
2522,50 €
5022,00 €
10021,50 €
20020,50 €

For amounts larger than 200 facemasks, please contact us directly via:


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BIEGLOSAN-products are high-end products that offer protection and anti-viral performance beyond the generally used produtcs.
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